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Copyright Now - Protect your works!

To Copy - Right or Not

Why is a Copyright Registration Important...
And What is Involved in the Copyright Registration Process?

Entertainment and Sports Attorney, Desha L. Jackson - explains the copyright process in detail.

Watch the video to learn more about the copyright process and what you need to know to protect your works.

 What's Included in your copyright registration Package?

  • All US Copyright Office filing fees are included in your package price
  • We personally customize, draft,and prepare the correct US Copyright application
  • We Verify that all files and application documentation are formatted properly according to US Copyright Office guidelines
  • Guaranteed delivery of your materials to the US Copyright Office within 24-48 hours of receiving your work
  • We Track your copyright application, including notification of the arrival of your materials to the US Copyright Office
  • Copyright Filing Verification for immediate proof of your copyright filing and registration
  • Our filing process is secure and takes only minutes for you to provide us with a copy of your work
  • We send the require 'hard copy' of your work to the copyright office
  • We see you through the entire process until you receive your Copyright Certificate in your hand.
**Processing can take 8 months to over 1 year if your do it yourself!   Why wait?  We can get it done in a matter of weeks.