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Welcome to our website.

We have added hundreds of new products to our store.  Be sure to browse around to find what you're looking for in our one stop shop.

We're All In with your marketing and promotional campaigns. By that we mean we will continue with you in your journey for as long as you need us.  Whether it's music promotion, video promotion, product marketing, publishing, consultations or contracts, we'll go as far as you want to go!

In publishing the term 'All In' takes on a whole different meaning.  For a Composer, it means that they will deliver the score in final format to the producer for one, all-in fee. That means they will usually be doing a “synth score” where all the music is recorded via digital means, using instrument samples, etc. If they need to use a live guitar or sax player (or whatever), they have to pay the player from their own pocket.

For Songwriters it means BOTH the master use and synchronization fees are combined into one “all in” fee for licensing the song.

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