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Get Out of the Studio

Get Out of the studio

You've made incredible music and now you have enough to fill 3-4 albums.  So when are you going to start performing all of the great music and let the world hear these hit songs? 

If you find yourself stuck in the studio continuously making music, you will never be a performing artist.  If you want people to hear your music so they can tell others about it, you need to publicize.  How do you do that?  By performing in front of an audience every chance you get.  

We had an artist who looooved being in the studio creating great music.  But we needed them to start performing their music so they could also start perfecting their stage presence.  We met up with a lot of resistance at first, but after performing in a showcased we produced, they caught the bug.

Once you've overcome your fear of performing in front of an audience, you will find there is nothing greater, than performing your original music and getting positive feedback and encouragement from the audience.  It's the best natural high you can get!

Sign up for every open mic, showcase and show you can find in your home town.  Don't be afraid to perform your master pieces in front of any and everyone.  You never know who may in the audience seeking new talent or products.  Build your performance roster and fan base so you can eventually start demanding paying gigs.  Private parties, special events and guest appearances, can be decent paying gigs.  

If you have packaged your products and invested in promotional items like tee-shirts, pens, caps and other marketing materials, you will also began to see an increase in sales as well as new fans and gigs. This financial boost can assist you in further marketing and selling more music.

So hurry up - Get out of the studio and get on Stage!

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