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Get Personal To Sell More Music

Selling music is not nearly as easy (or as much fun) as making it.  Selling music involves various marketing strategies that will encourage folks to first listen to your music and then make the decision to purchase it based on their personal preferences and taste.

One way to encourage folks to listen to and buy your music, is to share your personal experiences with them.  People always want to know more about you beyond the music.  Tell your story!  But don't just recite it, make it capture the imagination of the reader, who may be potential fans, music journalist and other industry professionals.

In your story you can discuss what inspired your lyrics or composition.  For example, I had a client who play the piano but had never composed an original song until the death of a parent.  So grief stricken about their lost, they sat down one day after the funeral and began to compose an original song.  It came to them suddenly and continued until the composition was finished that same day.  That one composition turned into their very first album.  And it comforted them and helped them to deal with their lost.

Perhaps you want to share an experience you had while touring or while performing at a dive.  Whatever your story, whether its full of drama or drama free, your personality should shine through to your readers and transcend in your music to listeners.  Help them to empathize with you. 

Get started by making a list of things you can write about and then start with the most interesting story. Open your heart and start selling more music.

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