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How Do I receive the contract(s) that I just purchased?

When you make a purchase from our site, you will go through a check-out process that will collect your information and create a membership account for you.  You automatically be logged in and you will then be able to retrieve your documents once the purchase is complete.

 Are contracts downloadable?

All documents are ready for your use immediately.  Instant downloads are retrievable in your customer account, simply log-in to your account.

 Can I purchase multiple contracts at one time?

To purchase multiple contracts, simply add the document you want to your shopping cart.  Upon check-out all of your selections will be in your cart.  Once purchased, all of your selections will be in your account ready for download.

Can I edit the contract?

All documents can be editable.  You can choose to down load the pdf or word file. To edit your pdf document, open your document, click on edit on the file menu, click on select all, click on copy.  This will copy all text to your clipboard.  Open a word document or any word processing program, create a new document and name it, place your mouse pointer where you want your document to start, right click your mouse and select paste.  Save your new document and begin editing.

Will your company help me to customize my contract?

We offer customization services for your contract.  For more information about customizing your contract, contact us with your request.

 I'm not sure which contract I need?

Give us a call or e-mail us to discuss the type of contract you are looking for and we will assist you in finding the right agreement.

 Do you snail mail contracts?

We do not mail contracts through the united states postal service, since all of our documents are instantly and easily accessible.

Why can't I find the contract I need?

We have over 200 agreements in our catalog covering music, business, real estate, broadcast, film, employment and more.  Just let us know what you need.

Radio Campaigns

How does the radio campaigns work?

We offer campaigns to suite your budget, time frame and ensure your music impacts radio and other media.
No matter what your marketing plans are for your release, we can reach a global audience with your music.  We submit your music to national and international radio stations around the world.  Our network consist of over 3500 radio stations and other media outlets.

What kind of promotion and marketing do I get with my campaign?

We don't just distribute your music, but pitch your music to radio programmers, magazine editors, licensing agencies and more.  We track your music and provide you with feedback from every down load, review or spin your music gets by radio and DJ's.  We will inform you who down loaded your music, who added it to rotation/spin and what the station ID is and/or the web site it is getting streamed on.

How long does a campaign run?

A normal campaign runs for about 12 weeks but can run longer if you want to maximize your investment and make the greatest impact.

What if I want to stop my campaign?

You are free to stop your campaign at anytime. Once you request that we stop a campaign, we will immediately stop marketing your music and all tracking and feedback will end.

 How much does it cost for a radio campaign?

Every campaign is different depending on the goals you want to reach and how much you want to invest in the advancement of your career.  Once we know your needs and your budget we will put together a project plan.  We require  an initial fee to start your campaign and then a weekly payment. 

What happens if you don't receive my payment?

If we don't receive a weekly payment your campaign will immediately stop. All tracking and feedback will cease until payment is received.

What kind of radio stations will receive my music?

We will distribute your music to commercial, college, community, satellite, digital, and syndicated radio stations.  Additionally, we will distribute to DJ pools, clubs, magazines, e-zines, record pools and internet radio.

What do I need to start my campaign?

To get started, please submit your a link to your music/music video to us at for review along with your contact information.  Once we review your music, we will contact you to further discuss your project campaign.

Please provide us with the following information when submitting your link:

Artist Biography

CD release information

Links to your website

Social media sites

Contact email

Any other information you'd like to share.

 What Genres do you service?

We service genres from Adult Contemporary to Urban. We accept all submissions.

Do I need to send copies of CD's to radio programmers?

Unless otherwise requested, programmers will want to down load a digital copy of your music.

 What type of digital file should I send?

Please send mp3 high quality tracks only.  Tracks should be at least 320kbps for radio and DJ's.  If you have a 1411 wave file, we will convert it for you.

 Can I speak to a representative?

Yes, you can contact us at (917) 622-2694 for more information.


Is there a membership fee to make purchases?

There is never a membership fee to make purchases on our site.  Get it and Go is our motto.

I cannot log-in to my account?

If you made a purchase and can't get into your account, please check your e-mail for our verification e-mail to verify your e-mail address. Please verify and then try to log-in again or request a new password.

Why do I have to make a customer account to make purchases?

When you check-out with your purchases, our system automatically creates an account for you.  When you want to make future purchases, just log-into your account and start shopping. 

The information I am looking for is not here.  What do I do now?

You can contact us via the form on this page and we will respond to you inquiry within 24 hours.