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5 Steps to Publishing

What about Publishing?  This is one of the most asked questions from songwriters, musicians, and others in the entertainment industries. And is the most complex subject when it comes to who gets what …

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It's Tax Season, Are You Getting Your Deductions?

Artist get your tax deductionsStarting out as an independent artist can be intimidating when it comes to setting yourself up as a business structure. As an independent artist, you may not have to formally register as a business en…

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Get Out of the Studio

Get Out of the studio

You've made incredible music and now you have enough to fill 3-4 albums.  So when are you going to start performing all of the great music and let the world hear these hit songs? 

If you find…

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What is Monitoring and Who's Doing it?

Program directors of radio stations report what is playing on their stations to labels.  Monitoring is a system that does not rely on what the program directors or media directors says is playing.…

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Get Personal To Sell More Music

Selling music is not nearly as easy (or as much fun) as making it.  Selling music involves various marketing strategies that will encourage folks to first listen to your music and then make the de…

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Happy 2016

We wish you a healthy and Successful New Year!

Be sure to prepare for the new year ahead by making sure all your agreements are in place for you new ventures.

If you plan on marketing your music…

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