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Set-up Your Publishing Company in Minutes
- Protect your Royalties!


This is one of the most asked questions from songwriters and musicians, as well as other entities in the entertainment industries. And is the most complex subject when it comes to who gets what and how.

If you’re in the business of writing songs or exploiting the works of other writers, you will greatly benefit from setting up your own publishing company. You will collect money from mechanical, performance and other licenses that you might grant.

 Entertainment and Sports attorney Desha L. Jackson, explains the important aspects of setting up your publishing company.

 Quite simply there are Two steps to setting up your publishing company:

The first step is naming your publishing company. It could be the same or some variation of your label or production company. Or simply, it could just be your name if you’re a songwriter or composer.

Once you’ve chosen your name(s), the second step is to join one of the performance rights organization - BMI, ASCAP or SESAC. You can only be an "active" member of one PRO.

Be creative because ASCAP and BMI databases are full of similar names. You’ll want your name to be unique amongst the thousands of names already existing.

Come up with more than one in the event the first choice is taken. An example of being creative is ECAF Music, which is for Babyface or ECNIRP Music, which is for Prince.

Because there were so many similar names existing, their names are spelled backwards for their publishing companies and stand out amongst the rest.

There are many types of publishing deals and Publishing can generate income for life and beyond the life of the songwriter. It can offer not only a lifetime income for the songwriter, but for the children of the songwriter.

What's Included in your Publishing Set-up Package?

  • All PRO filing fees are included in your package price
  • We personally customize, draft,and prepare the correct PRO application
  • We Verify that all files and application documentation are formatted properly according to PRO guidelines
  • Guaranteed delivery of your materials to the proper PRO within 24-48 hours of receiving your work
  • We Track your application, including notification of the acceptance of your submission
  • Filing Verification for immediate proof of your submission
  • Our filing process is secure and takes only minutes for you to provide us with your information
  • We set-up your account as a publisher
  • We see you through the entire process until you have a bona-fide publishing company