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So, What Does A Music Supervisor Do?

1010Have you ever considered a career as a Music Supervisor and wondered, 'exactly what does a Music Supervisor do?' Well simply put, a music supervisor is a person who combines music and visual media. 

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It's Tax Season, Are You Getting Your Deductions?

Artist get your tax deductionsStarting out as an independent artist can be intimidating when it comes to setting yourself up as a business structure. As an independent artist, you may not have to formally register as a business en…

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Notices & Audits - Whaat?!?

Some contracts may have a provision called 'Notices and Audits'.  Fully negotiated contracts should pertain clauses which covers both Notices and Audits.  The Notice clause may read:

    "All not…

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Point Taken, I Think!

Points can be many things, such points you pay on a mortgage or points you pay on a loan or even points in math. 

But in the music business,points refer to royalty percentages that are part of a m…

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